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About us

Whether battered and fried until golden or braised in lemon butter, fish is a firm favourite amongst coastal-living Capetonians.

At Mother City Fish we pride ourselves on sourcing only local, sustainable products, including ethically caught fish and seafood.  We feel that our ethics sets us apart.

Why choose Mother City Fish?

Run by friends and fish-lovers Liz and Ren, Mother City Fish is a boutique business that sources local seafood fresh off the boats. Through family connections with a fishery based in Hout Bay, we retail a selection of fish such as hake, silverfish, yellowtail, yellowfin tuna and kingklip. Freshness is imperative and we take the process of delivering fish to our customers very seriously. By removing the many links of the cold chain used by supermarkets and food retailers, we’re able to deliver ocean-fresh fish to your door no more than a day after it was caught.

Born from a desire to bring beautifully fresh and locally caught fish to consumers, Mother City Fish started as a small WhatsApp group notifying family and friends of whenever we landed a catch. Overwhelmed by the support from those who were tired of the poor quality of seafood in supermarkets, we are now a fully-fledged fish supplier – offering not only seafood but also other local food products like the popular Pesto Princess and Santa Anna’s ranges. By keeping our seafood local and not importing items such as Norwegian salmon, we can keep prices affordable and portions generous.

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Sustainability working hand-in-reel with responsibility

By using a supplier accredited by WWF-SASSI as well as the Hake Longline Association (SAHLLA) and avoiding the purchase of any trawled fish, Mother City Fish ensures that all of our seafood is sustainably and responsibly caught. While species such as swordfish and yellowfin tuna often feature on our product list, it’s important to remember that all seafood supplied by Mother City Fish has been caught either by longline, rod-and-reel or handline. These fishing methods limit bycatch, a reduced carbon footprint and little to no impact on marine environments. Unlike drag-netting or demersal trawling, longlining and handlining give the fishermen optimal control of the species they catch while providing them with integral information on stock levels.

Working all along the South African West Coast – from Agulhas to Namibia – our supplier fishes for deep water hake and kingklip – often going as far offshore as 30 nautical miles. Yellowtail tuna and swordfish are caught using rod and reel, most often from the area of Atlantic Ocean between Struisbaai and Yzerfontein.

In short, we care about where the fish is caught, what fish is caught and how it was caught.

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From sea to supper

Inspired by our passion for whole foods with as little as possible wastage, Mother City Fish supplies ready-made fishcakes, samoosas and nuggets made from freshly caught kingklip and hake. We also stock the Pesto Princess and Santa Anna’s ranges, raw almonds, cold-smoked rainbow trout ribbons and olive oil. Keep an eye on the Mother City Fish Instagram for inspirational recipes and methods for cooking with our fish.


If you have recently watched the Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy, and have concerns, have a look at

Order up!

Operating mainly via our WhatsApp groups, Mother City Fish is able to quickly inform our customer base about what fish we’re getting fresh and when it will be available for collection or delivery. Once we have this information, we send out messages to our customers that they can start ordering.  Orders are always open, but it’s best to order by 1pm on the day prior to delivery, as that’s when we have to order from our suppliers – so stock is limited after that time.

We currently deliver in Cape Town and all its suburbs, as wide as Scarborough, Atlantic Beach, Northern Suburbs, Stellenbosch and the Helderberg basin, including Gordon’s Bay.